What Should You Eat For Breakfast

You must eat good food for your breakfast . I mean specially for the breakfast. You must have a balance diet.

Kelsey ford ask about the breakfast in the yahoo answer section. She has some options there. Also she has mentions some foods like

  • -Reese's Puffs
  • -Crunch Berries Cereal
  • -Boiled Eggs
  • -Bacon
  • -Bacon Egg &Cheese Biscuit
  • -Cuties Oranges
  • - Yo Crunch Oreo Yogurt

I suggest the food  Reese's Puffs and  Crunch Berries Cereal is best for the breakfast as for my knowledge. Well please take good fresh food for the breakfast. Because it is Your start of the day. If you get Food that you make in the night (cooled food in refrigerator) Some times you will get a loose motion in your stomack. Then your day will be very bad.