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Chair Slouch

The same chair can be used effectively to tone up those lazy muscles and avoid aches and pains that are caused by long hours spent in front of the computer or watching the tellys.
Sit and stay can work wonders for a dog’s behavior. For humans, though, to one’s health.  More than a decade ago health official notice a spike in the number of respective stain injuries brought on by poor postures or body positions combined with long hours at a desk or a poorly designed computer workstation.
Commend aches and pain from sitting too long at a desk include headache eyestrain rounded shoulder and back pain. The most notorious condition is carpal tunnel syndrome in which tendons or ligaments in the wrist become enlarged after being aggravated. The narrows tunnel of the bones and ligaments in the wrist pinches the nerves that reach the finger and the muscle at the base of the thumb. The most common symptom is a burning tingling numbness in the finger. If left untreated the pain worsens and surgery sometimes becomes necessary.
Employers bemoaned necessary of work days lost to such ailments, especially when there workmen’s compensatory premium soared with the number of surgeries. By 2000 the U.S. Bureau of labor statistic reported that RSI was the reason for 60 percent of all reported. Occupational illnesses in the U.S. The bureau also estimated that RSI cost the private sector more than $1 billion annually.

Chair workout

Henry Lovelace of wild house fitness in chesterfield, Missouri, offer this workout for turning a simple desk chair into a fitness tool (It’s best to use a chair without wheels)
For chest and arms

Incline pushups = Place a chair against the wall or desk. Place your hands on the seat of the chair, shoulder width apart. Extend your feet out straight behind you, toes on floor. Do 15 pushups rest repeat with two more sets.

Decline pushups   = Place your hand on the floor, shoulder width apart. Extend your feet out straight behind you, with your toes up on the seat of the chair. Do 15 pushups rest repeat two more sets?
Chair Dips = Sit in a chair and firmly grasp the sides of the chair seats. Walk your feet out in front, with knees bent, to extend your body forward while your hands stay in position. Slowly lower your bottom to the floor, bending your elbows, and rise back up to chair height. Do 15 dips rest repeat two sets?

For legs and gluts

Step ups = stand facing a chair. Step up with your right leg, placing your foot squarely on the chair seat and raising yourself up. 

Step down = repeat with your left leg. Do 15 step up on each leg? Rest repeats two more sets.
Lingers = Standby your chair, using the back for support. Extend your right leg out and bend at the knee. Do not lower below 90 degrees angle. Bring your leg back to starting position and repeat the movement with the left leg. Do 15 linger rest repeat with two more sets.

For abs

Frog kicking = Sit in a chair, scoot close to the edge and grasp to the sides of the chair firmly. Tighten your abs and extend your legs straight out in front of you parallel to the floor. Bring your knees into your chest then extend out again Do 30 frog kicks. Rest repeat with two more sets. 
Chair Slouch

Chair Slouch

Chair Slouch


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