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Aero planes breaking new frontiers with sky deal

 The new of technology is sleek and intelligent. Aero planes that are more fuel-efficient, helmets that are more processors, cellular phones that recognize your voice and a microwave oven that keeps your food ready to eat. It’s a new world we are about to enter.

Your next airplane is still on the drawing board in Seattle. But when it enters services in 2008, the Boeing 7E7 Dream line promises to bring a dramatic technology upgrade to airline travel. Boeing co, best known for its jumbo jets, has dropped out of the super-jumbo competition with its European rival, Airbus industry. Instead it is opting for a mid-size jetliner that will fly cleaner and quieter, burn less fuel, and give passengers fresher air and a better view.
Thus the 7E7 the E stands for efficiency, environment, and Everett, Washington, outside Seattle, where the new jet will be built- is being designed to pioneer new direct routes and ease congestion already popular routes. Its new, lighter structure and fuel efficient engine should cut operating costs for financially squeezed airlines. And for long suffering passengers, there will be more moisture in the air, less cabin pressure, and larger seats, windows, and overhead compartments. This one is really paradigm-breaker, both in terms of the content and the manufacturing techniques. An aerospace and defense industry research and consulting firm in Fairfax USA.

On the production front, Boeing first new commercial aircraft in over a decade is accepted to add only a couple of thousand jobs at the company – fewer than half the number created by previous models of passengers jets. That’s because Boeing is drastically reducing its number of suppliers, buying completed hydraulic system for example rather than individual’s pumps and valves. Most of the work done in Everett will be final assembly.

Boeing 7E7
Boeing 7E7
Among the high-techinnovetions in the twin-aisle 7E7 which Boeing may rename before its commercial services launch will be

  • Lighter-weight engines from general electric co, and rolls-Royce PLC that will cut fuel consumption by about 20 per cent and reduce noise 13 to 14 decibel below government-mandated levels
  • Resilient carbon-fiber material on more than 50 per cent of the airplane, giving it the highest share of composite content of any large commercial jet. The material will reduce weight and enable Boeing to lower pressure and add humidifiers.
  • Wider fuselage cross-section (about 14 inches wider than on the competing airbus A330), enabling Boeing to increase the size of everything from lavatories to overhead bins and to install windows roughly 30 per cents large than today’s standard size. Boeing will also include “mood lighting system” modeled after those in hotels and restaurant. But passengers shouldn’t expect their personal space to be radically expanded. Everyone wants a shuffleboard court and duty-free shopping on board, but you have to pay for it.
Boeing 7E7
  • Electric generators attached to the engines, that will power everything from flight controls to lights and air conditioning without having to bleed air from the engines as today’s jetliners do. A wireless environment for in flight entertainment eliminating the need to rewire every time new standards are introduced. With the new system air line can either bring the entertainment onboard through a satellite or they can put a server onboard.


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