2014 Datsun new release

Datsun is a sub market name; you know this name very well. It is a common, also popular name in the automobiles world. This company is working under the Nissan Company. Nissan is a worldwide company in the world of automobile. Datsun is famous for making high quality mobiles in the market. Also for the higher prices.

Now a day’s Datsun name is becoming popular through the people that love automobiles. What is this change?, and how Datsun going popular all around the world.

The answer is Datsun company start to make budget automobile. These budget vehicles become popular in the people who like to buy good vehicle with low cost.

In the future of the automobile world Nissan company is planning to promote some several autos under the name of Datsun Company. They go to releas some best autos like eye catching, low price, and eco friendly and small and sweet. Said by the assistant executive officer of the Nissan Company Mr. Carlos Ghon. This discussion was held on the Indonesia, in a meeting of automobiles. These new product target the automobile market of India and Russia.

If this product goes success in the automobile world, then the Nissan Company going to promote these autos in the United Kingdom and the Europe also.

Datsun Company is born in the United Kingdom in 1970. In the 1970 datsun company become the top rated sellers in the British. It happens when the Nissan Company gets all the shares in the datsun company. After that the name of Datsun is a death name and Nissan Company used it to produce Nissan Bluebirds for the automobile market.

Today the name of Datsun going to come to the market again after the 25 years of rest. In this month they are going to make 2000 employment in the auto world. This will happen in the Britain. Also they are going to build a factory that makes family automobiles in the Sunderland of the United Kingdom. This information gets from the Geneva motor show.  

2014 Datsun new release

2014 Datsun new release

Mr. Carlos Ghon