Lincoln Town Car

My first experience of a Lincoln limousine was in 1963 when in New York attending an international ford tractors dealer convention. Collin and Graham Sutton from St Hailer Jersey, Channel Island had arranged with a ford of Britain friend from their press office to borrow a car from Ford USA so we could do a tour down south after the convention.

Came the appointed day in the big apple to collect the car and Graham and I caught a cab to the pick-up location a few blocks away from the hotel. We were expecting to be given a British ford like a Cortina or an Anglia. At the pick-up car park the man in charge rolled out the largest limo I had ever seen- a Lincoln Continental.

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The 2004 Lincoln Town Car brought back many happy memories from all those years ago. It is unashamedly a large, very large luxury sedan and true to its American heritage with a large powerful V8 engine, comfortable armchair seating, and spacious interior and relatively soft suspension.

The Lincoln division of ford motor co is the equivalent to the Cadillac division of general motor and has been building fine luxury sedan for many years, so they should know the demand for the segment of the market by now. The town car model is the largest selling Lincoln and has been the bedrock of the brain for decades. It is built in the ford factory in Wixom, Michigan and from the exported around the world.

The latest Lincoln town car is powered by a 4.6 liter, V8, 32 – valve SOHC that drives to the rear wheels through a 4 speed automatic transmission. The transfer of power to the ground is assisted by a traction control system. Although our test car did not have it we are informed that the Sirius satellite radio is now available as a dealer-installed item on those Town Cars fitted with a touch-screen navigation system and the six disc in-dash CD changer.

The town car’s external design has a formal appearance with a Lincoln signature chromed.