How to made your eye brows thick in a week

Who doesn’t want to have big eye brows and beautiful long lashes? As I reasonably found out, it is not

that hard but a couple of simple but highly effective homemade remedy can change your look complete

in days.
Now let’s go back to my beauty story. As a person have very spouse eye brows bushy eye brows trend

hit me pretty hard. I tried it with eye brows pencils and other beauty tricks but its look painted and
extremely fake. One day my goal to look my eye brows look changed I stop looking waste of fake it and
start to looking all natural remedies that would make them grow suprizely it wasn’t long to like ended
up with beautifully thick eye brows and additionally pretty long lashes.

So if you want to do the same thing I have two words for you Fenugreek seeds, these seeds are knowing

to the extreme beneficial for your hair making it thick shiny hair healthy and pretty much the same thing
goes for your eye brows and eye lashes the main reason of fenugreek seed the nicotinic acids which
rebuilds hair falls and massively stimulate their growth. Additionally fenugreek seeds contain proteins

that ensure that rabid hair growth habits helpfully that lecithin that allows to your stresses to route in
natural colors.

I use two fenugreek recipes
Fenugreek serum and fenugreek mask

To make the eye lash and eye brows serum you need

1 half of cup coconut oil
2 three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds powder

Mixed it together, boiled the mixer and let it simmer for 8 to 10 minutes with a lid on. And let it cool and

strain the serum. Now it ready to apply to your eye brows and eye lashes. I store it in a small bottle and

use the serum every night before going to bed. If you want to try fenugreek seed mask.
Take a quarter cup of fenugreek seeds and soak them in water over a night. When that’s done you grind
a mixer into a fine paste and apply it on your eye brows only.