Things you should stop doing in your car

Things you should stop doing in your car

The most reckless things you should never do while in the car. 

No 1 - Headphones on

Most people have some points of listen to music though headphones walking or using public transport. So what is the big deal with headphones and driving? That music in your ears you can’t hear anything including other drivers honking at. You may easily miss important announcements. Something pull your car right over. 

No 2 - Munching on a snack

First of all when you eat while driving you will get off the distraction. See for yourself you unpack a bite and close your eyes enjoying the taste well you get the idea. Eating a sandwich and some moments you realize you drift off over your favorite jeans. Also greasy food and sweet things can make you sleepy. If you absolutely must drink something while driving? It could be a bottle of water.

No 3 - Feet on the dashboard

Yep it’s comfortable relaxing and cool. It’s downright dangerous and reckless. If a car getting to an accident guess who get hurt the most. Right the one who sits beside the driver with feet on the dashboard. A broken nose would be the least of your problems.

No 4 - Reaching for stuff

When a driver trying to reach or something lying on a passenger seat or on the floor. They hard to keep their eyes on the road as well. And you probably heard that our heads are automatically steering the car in to the direction where we look.  Also you are reaching on something your hands aren’t placed on the wheel properly.

No 5 - Getting too comfortable

You should remember that you recline your seat back slip your shoes off prop your foot on the seat literally preparing to get yourself rows. On top of that if you getting to an accident you want be a best position to get a car advantage of seating system and the air bag.

No 6 - Putting on makeup

Life seems to be getting faster and faster in everyday.  Women often have no other place to apply makeup that their own car. However it can put their health and even lives at risk!

No 7 - Paying attention to billboards

Billboards are design the way you going to attacked and get your attention. Sometime the massage is Conway to get away your eyes interested. The most dangerous of them all billboards show slow videos including excite commercials with bright pictures and rapid movements.

No 10 - Not wearing a seat belt

According to NHTSA stand for national highway traffic safety administration. In a period of 4 years seat belts save about 75000 lives. They protect you in sudden impact breaking or collation. You would be surprise how many accidents have to one buckle drivers and their passengers near their homes.

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