Close your one eye when you go to the toilet at night

 It’s hard to falling sleep again after the going to bathroom at night. Do you want to know why?

1 Well it’s because you switch on the light to do it.

 Our brain is train to think that the light naturally means morning. Even thou you slept for a couple of hours your body will think now it’s time to wake up. The production of the sleep hormone melatonin can actually be surprised of exposure of the light. The solution is easy. You need to close one eye on your way to the toilet and back. This mustn’t allow much lighting. Tricking your brain into thinking is not that right yet and you can keep sleeping. Also you can keep dim light in the bathroom.

2 Stumbling on things in the dark.

Loud noises is always not good for good knight sleep. So best you can do to yourself to moving in the dark move your eyes rapidly in the dark. Naturally you can see moving object clearly. So it’s much easier to see in the dark when you move your eye one thing to another. Obvious answer is remove your stuff in the floor before your bed time. But that be asking too much.

3 Losing weight in your sleep

Some time is very hard to take time to the exercise and the day. Also just feel too tired of long day studding or working the lift weight. It’s not a big problem you have nothing to blame yourself for it. A good diet and a healthy sleep will make up for it extra on top. On average you burn 500 calories overnight if you get 8 hour of sleep. Which is the recommended time anyway. You can boost this process by drinking a glass of water right before going to bed. This way you also wake up feel light and fresh and waiting to go to the bathroom. But be careful not to over sleep or eat before bed. Also you can lowering the temperature of your bed room or get rid of warm pajamas. We lose more calories when you sleeping comfortably cool surroundings.

4 You can cheer yourself up forcefully

This one may sound really strange. But you ever try to force of smile couple hours you laugh it’s really helps. Try to do this on a particular bad day. And in the evening you will see that in eventually became effortless and you have been smiling rest of the day without even notice it. Your brain will naturally connect with smile, happiness and good thoughts. Keep this attitude on rest of the day.

5 Spend a day on yourself

You need self-confidence and appreciation. You can deal with everything else if you take care of one day with your looks. Buy new thing that stress release. And take a worm bath with aroma oils get all dressed up and your instantly feel capable of anything.

6 Forget about task management apps

They don’t work as you think they do. The best thing to do actually get a note book and a pencil then write down what is you planning to do in the next few days. When writingsomething it start thinking positively and creatively.

7 Wake up and write again

No coffee no breakfast not even worm bath. Everything must wait instead as soon as you get out then go to your desk and write on a blank paper. Write anything comes to your mind. About your worries, hopes, dreams, or about your wishes. Then hide the note from yourself. Because it’s recommended you don’t read what you write again.

8 Argue with your textbook and manuals you need to study.

9 if you going to have a laugh before test day. I also thing that I wasn’t laughing enough.

10 Don’t be afraid to stand out

11 Drink hot tea on a hot day