If you swallowed the most venomous spider

It’s been said that the person has swallowed 8 spiders in their sleep in every year. Well that story may or may not be true. You can think you can wear a space helmet in the bed. But you know it’s kind of make sense spider like worm dark places and the inside of your mouth should fix to that description.

What if you swallowed a spider that was just venomous but the most toxic spider in the world. And or please don’t try this at home or work or the skating rink or the mall or anywhere else for that matter do not eat live venomous spiders. Was I clear enough?

This hairy little master known as the Sydney funnel web spider or atraxrobustus. If you want to show off it way to many of too many planet of earth other most dangerous wild life hails from the coutry net of Australia.

Insolently when we decide to make Australia a tourist destination. It has the cutes animals like kolar bear can have an aggressive side. And kangaroos those over gone may look graceful and majestic, and their legs are just for hopping.

Atrax however more than willing to do house call. They have natural habit hiding inside of rocks and trees. But the Sydney funnel web just as at in homein yours. Assuming your home is within a hundred miles away from Sydney Australia. If not I have great news. The good news is that up to 2 inches length and notorious skittish you are unlikely to swallow that by accident.

So what would happen you Chou down the most dangerous spider in the world. Well that is going to depend on if it’s still up on above when it’s going down. The Sydney funnel web holding breath for over a day. In some case for survive in under water up to 30 hours. Atrax really don’t like to be handle. And their fangs are large and powerful enough to punch hole in your finger nails. Making matter worse I think they could be worse. Atrax is not bite and run kind of other spiders. It will dig its fang and hold on for the river. Atrax venom is a special kind of nastic. Attacking its preserver system. Symptom will begin with a minutes. After been bitter your heart will start beating rapidly. As your blood pressure assume spike to the roof. This is followed by breathing trouble and numinous around the mouth. Finally the venom began to attack the brain. It will lose your concerns.