How The Witcher Author Feels About Henry Cavill's New Netflix Series

Here’s what he had to say about Henry Cavill playing Geralt in The Witcher:

It’s often hard for adaptations to please authors of the original work. Alan Moore is a prime example, though Damon Lindelof had the perfect response to Moore’s displeasure with the HBO adaptation of Watchmen.
While Andrzej Sapkowski says he didn’t have much to do with The Witcher’s artistic direction — something he’s perfectly fine with — he told PEOPLE what he hoped audiences ultimately took away from Season 1.

It sure sounds like the author is referring to all the wizard nudity and overall hotness of Henry Cavill’s Geralt in The Witcher. Simply based on the internet’s reaction, viewers are already feeling the heat, so Andrzej Sapkowski has nothing to worry about on that front. Here’s one fan who didn’t think Cavill was all that great before, but The Witcher has altered their opinion.

The thirst continues in another tweet. Henry Cavill is having a huge effect on people as Geralt. Maybe it’s the wig.

There’s still no word on whether Netflix will renew the show for Season 2, though showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich says she could “write seven seasons.”