Business insider - What percent should you charge your phone

What percent should you charge your phone

You know these days our phones are part of us. Well their magical devices because they can do many more things. Check out these tips and your phone can give bright life for you.

Get rid of old apps 

Occasionally taking a app into work or you are not using it you have more apps uninstall it from your phone.  It will free up space and your phone will run efficiently.

Use low power mode

This will help to find which apps are using more space. Doing this your phone will start to work faster than before. This feature helps phone charge very quickly. Also it stop the emails unnecessary apps and something running under the screen.

If you are in an bad reception turn on airplane mode 

Your phone search battery to another reception. Even it is not picking up any reception it will continue to search more. This will seriously drain your battery. If you know you in a area of bad reception turning on airplane mode will save your battery.

Be smart about putting your phone in your pocket 

It’s the easiest way to carry the phone we all do it. But the thing is your pocket could be fill in dust and lint that could get into your phone charging port. Then the port is full of dust it will not charging correctly. When you selecting a phone case chose a little plug with the charging port.

Clean your phone safely

We all know not to get the phone wet that moisture is bad for it. Don’t use wet wipes, rubbing alcohols, sprays. Just use a dry clothe to clean the screen and back.

Know when to stop doing software update

The people that your phone made are only giving software support to only 2 generations. If your phone is too older you will be unable to do the updates and certain app may not run right which can be frustrated. Sometime new updates are trying to eat your phone free space.

Power your phone all the way down once in a while

Now this is different from running the battery down and going auto switch off. Hitting the normal off button and switch off your phone for a few minutes. Doing this once a week is good for your phone.

Your phone can tell you a lot about its battery life

In your phone setting you will able to see how much battery time you have left in hours and minutes. Your phone will also able to tell you when you last charged it. It can help over charging.

Staying at 100% all the time isn’t good for your phone

If your phone hooked up to a charger and keep charging 100% it can drain the battery. Your phone contain the Lithium-ion battery. Which mean it operate best phone when your phone 30 to 50%. Keeping your phone 100% all the time it makes it tired.

Don’t charge your phone overnight

Get out of the habit of charging your phone when you go to bed. I know it’s easy to do but it will cover charge when it become 100% while you in sleep.

Avoid charging your phone on your bed, too

So what is the best way to charge your phone?

Don’t lose your phone battery completely before you charging it. Leave your phone alone while it’s charging. Phones don’t like extreme temperature.  If it super cool or super hot is not good for your phone.