Kaitlin Bennett flees hundreds of protesters at Ohio University

Gun rights advocate Kaitlin flyer was hunted person off the Ohio University field by an outsized cluster of protesters weekday once she created Associate in Nursing impromptu look, in line with reports.

The Athens News reports that flyer, United Nations agency gained net fame because the Kent State “gun woman," visited the field to film a video asking students queries associated with Presidents Day, that was weekday. however the News reports the looks quickly became chaotic as many protesters enclosed her, members of her conservative activist web site Liberty haunt, and her bodyguard.

According to the Athens Post, protesters shouted at flyer, delayed middle fingers, Associate in Nursingd threw water through an open window in her truck as she left. The News reports some supporters did provide flyer hugs.

On Twitter, flyer claimed the looks resulted in an exceedingly “riot.” She additionally criticized Ohio University police, language officers “let it happen,” and urged President Donald Trump ought to strip funding from universities that “harbor terrorists.”

Kaitlin Bennett flees hundreds of protesters at Ohio University

“It appears like the foremost liberal faculty in Ohio is additionally the foremost intolerant, the foremost repelling, and also the most horrific once it involves diversity of opinion, and that’s what we’re showing here these days,” flyer aforesaid, in line with the News. flyer and her crew were on the field but 2 hours. flyer denote a video below (contains robust language).

Police free a press release language there was “strong language” and liquids thrown, however aforesaid there was no riot, no injuries were reported and there have been no arrests. Police aforesaid each flyer and also the crowd were on the field to exercise their First Amendment rights. The department aforesaid it absolutely was given no previous notice of Bennett’s arrival, however further they didn't raise her to go away.

“Although such notice isn't needed, the shortage of it disadvantaged the department of the flexibility to set up staffing levels," the statement says. “As a result, the officers on duty had to rank their response to the events as they open, justifiedly putt everyone’s personal safety prior to all alternative considerations.”

Bennett later tweeted that she plans to come to Ohio University with Associate in Nursing “army” of gun house owners for Associate in Nursing open-carry practice the field. Still, one student tells the News she queries Bennett’s motives.

“I reasonably want she simply came here to induce this reaction,” sophomore Liam McSteen tells the News. “I suppose it’s simply reasonably attention-seeking behavior. I don’t apprehend if she thinks she’s aiming to modification anyone’s mind out here.”