Lil Marlo dead in Atlanta

Atlanta rapper Rudolph Johnson, well known as Lil Marlo, is died, as to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office

The medical examiner’s office consolidated to Bright Life USA on Sunday evening that a defunct one person by the name of Rudolph Johnson was delivered in during the few last twenty-four-hours after

Lil Marlo is reported age decision 27, but the medical examiner’s office has informed to Bright Life USA News that he was 30 years old in his real age.

The cause of death has however to be determined, in step with the discoverer County Medical Examiner’s workplace.

Lil Marlo

In this case, the Atlanta Police Department consolidated a man shot in a vehicle fount at 1-285 close to Benjamin E. But the police have not consolidated about this thirty years old man identity.

The Police department thinks this man has studied fired. Also, the homicide investigators are searching for more information about this incidence. Lil Marlo was the best performing and popular artist. This rapper has spread his first and third albums by promoting on his own Instagram profile.

On father's day, Lil Marlo has uploaded a few pictures and video clips of his children. Also, he wrote for the post of video and photos  "Thanks For Making Me Y’all Father I Wouldn’t Trade Y’all For Da World."

His friends and fans are posting their condolence on social media about his death. Also, his friend Thomas has posted a photo in insta in Sunday.