Elon Musk's Secret to a Perfect Memory

So you were sick and tired of forgetting your friend's birthdays and spending hours memorizing two lines for a work presentation. Elon Musk's Secret to a Perfect Memory. Well then get some chopsticks ready or better yet ask Elon musk for advice on how to improve your memory.

So you don’t have his phone number. No worries we did it for you. Back in 2001 Elon musk phone mechanical engineer Jim Cantrell who used to work for the French space agency. Musk wanted to know if it could be possible to send a spaceship to mars. He was willing to build his rockets. So he borrowed some books on the topic from Cantrell. 

In no time he was ready to return the books and discuss rockets physics and astrodynamics with the scientist. Cantrell was surprised. Wanna become a rocket scientist from scratch too well then listen up.
As we can sum up from his interviews Elon musk has two basic learning rules

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1 you got to make sure you were building your own tree of knowledge. 

If you want to go beyond your limits learning starts with a trunk and big branches and only then gets into the leaves. And by now you might be wondering what on earth is he talking about. Well, let’s say you were learning a new language. 

Instead of remembering individual words, you should start with some general rules. When you understand and memorized those you build a strong trunk for your knowledge. It works for anything you were trying to learn from physics to tik-tok trends.

2.  You can’t remember what you can’t connect 

Elon musk never learns anything at random. He connects every piece of information to some deeper more solid base he already has. So instead of collecting tidbits of knowledge and throwing them into a fire that will eventually burn out, you have to discover ways to connect the leaves and branches of your knowledge trees and let them bloom.
To help your trees grow you got to surround yourself with people who are the best in their field and can’t invite the world’s brightest minds for a barbecue in your backyard. Well at least make them virtually present in your life. Watch their interviews listen to podcasts and read as much as you can. Musk recommends books about other geniuses and reading as much as you can in general.

When he was 9 years old he devoted himself to reading the complete encyclopedia Britannica and then moved on to science fiction books for around 10 hours daily.
If reading is not your idea of fun can I interest you in clenching your fists and other unconventional ways of pumping up your brain power? 99% of the world population has a dominant hand. What is yours, by the way, yes I mean the one you use to write, make food, paint, etc. Try to switch to your other now and then to strengthen neural connections in your brain that will make your mind and memory sharper. 

Use your opposite hand while you brush your teeth cleaning or washing the dishes. It might seem hard the first time you do it. But it will give your brain the perfect kind of stimulation by adjusting just keep practicing this exercise regularly. And don’t do it while you were driving your car. 

Zumba, salsa, jazz dance hip-hop dance your heart out as often as possible enroll in dance classes or watch an online video with some dance moves you have already thought looked cool when others were doing it. When you learn new dance moves you boost your memorizing skills and processing speed.

Try using all your senses in everyday life. Visit a farmers market travel, garden, bake a batch of cookies, take notes at a meeting or try a new restaurant. Whatever you do focus on touching tasting, smelling, hearing, and seeing things all at the same time. The more senses you use even for something you do every day. More brain power will involve in keeping that memory.

Spice up your daily life and takes a new route to work. Put your calendar on the other side of the table or try a new type of coffee. Pay attention to details you usually ignore.
Can you tell me how many plates you have in your kitchen cabinet right now? Count them or the number of stairs you take every day also try taking a shower with your eyes closed. Doing things using the sense of touch will signal your brain about them and give it a good workout. Still, waiting for the fist clenching part aren’t you?

In 2013 psychologists from Montclair state university experimented they concluded that clenching the right hand for 90 seconds helps in memory formation. If you do the same with your left hand it can improve your memory recall. They asked 50 adults to remember words from a long list. Those who clench their fist could recall more words believe or not.

The researchers believe that clinching fist triggers specific brain regions responsible for memory processing. Can you remember the name of that girl someone introduced you to at their birthday party or that nice mechanic who helped you fix your car? You probably recall their face but the name is a different story. Because it doesn’t tell you that much about them. If you want to give your brain another dose of workout and make an effort to remember that data. Just say it loud and repeat all the things you have just thought. Read or heard out loud it will strengthen your memory.

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Read aloud and go back to those things through longer periods of time every few hours every day that’s how you master complicated data and skills.

Build your own memory palace. Put the memorabilia back. I’m talking about another memory technique here. Choose a place that knows really well your hometown, school, or maybe your closet. It’s ideal to choose the one that is large and has many details. Let’s say your house. Now think of a route that goes through that place. You enter through the front door what do you see next? Now choose the location where you will store the information you want to memorize. Each spot has to be unique. It can be a separate room or an object in that room. Now grab a piece off and draw your palace in every detail. Once you have done close your eyes and visualize the image.

Open your eyes and compare the image in your mind with what you have on paper. Keep practicing until they match perfectly.
So we have more exercise for your brain. If you need more details comment below. Thank you this is also an easy hack for bright life.