Toyota Previa

The Toyota previa belongs to the category of automobiles known as MPV – Multi Purpose Vehicles. By being able to transport up to eight persons in style and comfort, it certainly qualifies for its categorization. This type of people carrier has become very popular in the Middle East where the average size of a family is greater than usually found elsewhere. As a consequence most japanes, Europeans and American manufactures now offer one or more MPVs in their range of models.

The Toyota previa is certainly among the top echelons of MPVs in terms of style, image and reputation. The previa has a very stylish, handsome and sleek appearance with a sloping front end that sewn up into a very large windscreen and then back, along the roof, with its black roof rail, to finish with a near rear spoiler and a large rear door. The swaging on the body sides finishing with an upward sweep over the rear wheels enhances the sleek aerodynamic appearance.

One of the very neat features of the body is the electrically operated rear doors. The driver can open or close the rear sliding doors by pressing a switch on the fascia to the right of the steering is running and the shift level is in “P” for park position. The seating position in the previa is nice and high and gives the same sort of feeling as one gets when sitting in a 4WD SUV. Forward visibility through the large and wide windscreen is excellent and there are small portholes let into the “A” pillars to avoid serious blind spots. 

The vehicle is fitted with a 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder, 16 valve, DOHC, EFI petrol engine that produce a maximum of 170 bhp and torque of 23.4 kg/m. the engine has Toyota’s VVT-I ( variable valve timing – intelligent). The Toyota previa drives and handles exceptionally well and its driving dynamics compare favorably with most sedan cars. Acceleration is smooth and lively, and with the driver beign relatively high up he can see well ahead and identify potential hazardous situations and react well in advance. Overall, the legendary Toyota build quality will ensure a trouble-free ownership with excellent residual value when the time comes to buy a new one.

Toyota Previa

Toyota Previa dashboard

Toyota Previa back view

Toyota Previa gear